About Me

Hi! I'm Amanda. 

I'm a writer, teacher, naturalist, psychic medium, and lover of all things natural and supernatural.

After nearly ten years of building a career in the natural sciences field, and on my down times, studying and interacting with the Spirit World, I began to feel like I was leading two separate lives.

Through my writings, education seminars and programs on this website, I try my best bring together my spirit-based background and past professional experiences to help educate others. 

Basically, I'm a total science nerd and a spirit nerd, and the goal of this site is to think the two of those together, sharing all of what I learn on my journey with you. And what an adventure it is. 

If this is your first time visiting my site, I invite you to spend the next hour or two delving into to everything that is offered here from the blog, to the shop, and even within the membership program. Thank you for visiting. 

- Amanda

Frequently Asked questions

what is your family background?

I've had the ability to see, hear and communicate with those in Spirit for my entire life, yet for the majority of that time, I've had mixed feelings about it. 

My father's side of the family is part of an ethnic group of Germans who lived in the Eastern European region of Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania. They migrated to the US during the ethnic genocide in WWII. My clairvoyance comes from this side. 

My mother's side is English, both from Wales and Scotland. Many of her family members were part of the original settlers of the Americas. I call her the "super Celt," as she's got it on all sides. My earth focus and magic comes from this side. 

Together, my mother and father taught me about the spirit world they each grew up with. My father, a scientist with a passion for learning, and my mother, a relaxed nature lover who got her first tarot deck when she was 17, both with an interest in spirituality and history, both created the mix of all I strive to bring together today.

where did you go to school?

My professional experience in teaching comes from my work with: Project Wet, Project WildCity of Lincoln, Nebraska, USEPA, Nebraska Environmental Trust, Grid Alternatives, San Diego Zoo - Safari Park, and Auburn University among others. Spiritual training has been received from Dianne Thomas with the International Center for Reiki TrainingDebra Katz and the International School of Clairvoyance, the Horizon Center of Intuitive Awareness and Spiritual Healing in Atlanta, GA, and others.

I hold a Bachelors of Science from the University of Nebraska and a Masters of Science from Auburn University, as well as various certifications in permaculture, wilderness first aid, and natural homestedding techniques. 

Do you offer private readings still? 

Currently, public readings are not for sale. 

Where are you located?

The beautiful and historic state of Pennsylvania!


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