Interpreting The Signs

This month's August Member Theme is on Interpreting the Signs


Spirits, the Universe, our Guides, those around us, animals, the entire community that we live in all collectively co-conspire with us to provide us with a loop of feedback. 

This feedback provides us with information about our life path, where we're going and the state of everyone we're headed there with. 

Reading this feedback is really about interpreting the signs we all get on a daily basis into something meaningful. 

We've all heard of number signs, feather signs, synchornicities, but... how do you make sense of them?

Especially, in today's world, with so much constantly stimuli being thrown at the increasively ever sensitive person? How is one to sort it all out!

This month we discuss in The Membership Program. 

For those who are new to the program, there is a group meeting coming up on August 23rd for members where we do a mini lecture on the topic covering things we haven't covered yet, a healing or meditative activity, and time to answer questions/discuss member concerns.

This is a great time to get my two cents or any other medium, intuitive or reader on the call's opinion on something, especially if you have a spiritual issue coming on. 

But in the meantime, I wanted to take a minute to cover how one can know they've fallen off the path. 

There are plenty of signs to tell you that you're on! 

But what is the best way to confirm when you're not?

By simply observing when it happens to those around you, and then, by taking that information, reflecting on when you've noticed those same signs in your own life, this way, it allows you cto catch them anytime they pop-up again for you in the future. 

So what are the signs someone around you has fallen off the path? 

Here are a few dead give-aways: 

The person in question, the one who has fallen off, is seemingly focusing or fixated on editing the behaviors of others and those around them, rather than focusing on correcting themselves. We all are only responsible for our own journey - that and to support the journeys of others. 

The person in question is seemingly fixating on only the negatives of their environment - including their surrounding, the people around them, what they don't like, etc. 

And finally, the person in question is seemingly absorbing only the thoughts of those around them and echoing those, without first observing those thoughts for themselves and then acting. This is a sign a person has stepped out of their body and is letting others do the work of their path for them. 

If you notice any of these signs in the people in your life, no worries you can take your life back!

If it's something you are noticing in someone you care about, the best way to help is by modeling positive path friendly character such as: through focusing on your own growth, by giving equal weight to positives, negatives and neutrals in your environment when you vocalize those ideas out loud, and by spending time cultivating your own thoughts independently of other's opinions. 

You can also try to compassionately sitting down with them and help them work through it with a pep talk, just as any good friend would do for you, if you feel comfortable enjoy. 

That said, sometimes, we all need to loose track of the trail in order to find ourselves anew. So sometimes it is just necessary, and fun, to allow ourselves to simply watch, wait and observe... regardless of who we notice it in (even if it's in ourselves)! 

How do you get back on the path, though? Especially when you want to and are ready? 

That's easy... just follow the signs! 

Join us this month in The Membership Program for Interpreting The Signs, which focuses on how to interpret the signs you get in a more meaningful way, complete with access to supportive interactive Facebook Community to provide feedback, live calls to answer questions, guide and assist, and online archives available 24/7 all at any time. 

Amanda Linette Meder

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